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Between June 2012 and February 2015, the Centre has conducted a series of projects exploring the concept of gratitude in Britain. The findings from this first phase of research, Gratitude Britain, are now becoming available as published research reports. The release of each report has been marked by a launch event highlighting the key findings and the implications and recommendations they bring to society, education and the professions. 

The key research questions explored by the Centre's work so far include: 


  • What is the meaning of moral gratitude: who should we be grateful to and what for?
  • How might morally significant gratitude be promoted in British society?
  • What would be the wider social and cultural and moral impact of a more grateful Britain?

You can access the research reports below.

Report   Project Page Download Link

From Gratitude to Service: Engagement, Influence and Impact


Character Education in UK Schools


The Good Teacher: Understanding Virtues in Practice


Virtuous Character for the Practice of Law


Virtuous Medical Practice


An Attitude for Gratitude


Building Character Through Youth Social Action


Good Neighbours in a Good Neighbourhood?


Give Thanks - Give Back


The Knightly Virtues


My Character