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Virtuous Character for the Practice of Law

The Virtuous Character for the Practice of Law research report was launched by Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, on Tuesday 25th November 2014, at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

This project was designed to deepen understanding of the place of virtues and values in initial education, training and subsequent professional practice in the legal profession in the UK. Being a lawyer calls on the qualities or virtues of individual character, but what virtues and values are held by lawyers and aspiring lawyers? How do personal and professional virtues shape practice; and what are the implications for ethics education in the profession? Read the executive summary and download the report below:


Research Report

Extended Methodology
The Methodology included in the research report describes the overall design, and information and comments on participants.  Other aspects of method, including instruments and their rationale, modes of quantitative and qualitative analysis, study limitations and further ethical considerations are included in the Extended Methodology.