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Thank You Film Awards

Say thank you, make a film, and see it on the big screen...

The Thank You Film Awards ran between 2012-2015 as a national programme that asked young people to make a film based on ‘gratitude’. The project explored what young people are grateful for, who young people are grateful to and their understanding of gratitude. Young people between the ages of 5 and 16, predominantly in schools and youth organisations across the UK, were asked to create a short film to say thank you to a person, organisation or group who have made life better in some way. The report published draws on an investigation of the 182 films submitted to the programme between 2012 and 2014 and explores how 5-16 year olds in Britain understand the virtue of gratitude. The report can be downloaded via the image to the right.

The e-magazine from the 2015 awards is available below. The e-magazine provides links to the winning films in each category, hosted on the Jubilee Centre YouTube Channel. A selection of Thank You Films from previous years are also available (click the clapperboard to access the YouTube channel).