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Virtues in the Professions

Big Question: Can the professions be virtuous?


This research was designed to deepen understanding of the place of virtues and values in initial education, training and subsequent professional practice in key professions in the UK today. To date, the Jubilee Centre has undertaken research in the teaching, law, medicine, nursing, and business professions, and British Army. The research has looked at the perceived and ideal character strengths of student and experienced professionals and their educators, as well as the levels of virtue-based reasoning applied by participants in response to moral dilemmas.

Recognising that professionals work within institutional, regulatory and disciplinary frameworks, the research explored how these restrict and/or allow space for individual agency.

You can access a summary of the Jubilee Centre's research into the professions here:


You can access information about the individual reports and publications via the links below:


Centre Reports

Collaborative Reports