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Seminar Series

Since October, 2012, the Jubilee Centre has organised a bi-weekly Seminar Series on character, virtues, values and education. These seminars are predominantly a venue for members of the Centre to meet and exchange opinions, but they are open to all members of staff and research students in the School of Education. The seminars provide a safe, collegial environment to present  ‘thought-pieces’, initial observations, or introductions to topics and projects which explore some fundamental questions or concepts relating to specific research projects, or other pieces of work. The seminars have created a friendly community of inquiry where people feel at ease to try out ideas and hypotheses.


Usually 15:15–16:15 every other Wednesday.  

Details of the seminars that have been held to date can be found below.


Seminars from 2016
Seminars from 2015
Seminars from 2014
Seminars from 2013
Seminars from 2012