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Teaching Fellows

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues works with teaching experts under its Teaching Fellow post. This post allows leading teachers to join the Centre for one term at a time and work with the team on discrete projects, providing teaching expertise to the Centre's resource development work.

Profiles of the Teaching Fellows who have worked with the Centre are found below.

Dan Wright

Dan joined the Centre for the Autumn Term 2014. Dan worked with the Centre to produce the Secondary Programme of Study and help develop the Centre's character education resources. Dan was Director of Faculty (Humanities and Social Sciences) at Godalming College and before that he taught history and was involved in boarding at Gordon’s School. Since his Teaching Fellowship, Dan has moved on to become Deputy Head (Staffing) at St George's Weybridge.

Dr Karen Bohlin

Karen joined the Centre for the Spring Term 2015. Karen worked with the Centre's research team to help develop and plan the Schools of Virtue project and gave a seminar paper titled 'Empowering Adolescents with the Schooling of Desire'. Karen is Head of School at the Montrose School in Medfield, MA and Senior Scholar at Boston University’s Center for Character and Social Responsibility.

Ian Morris

Ian joined the Centre for the Summer Term 2015. Ian provided teaching expertise and research project design assistance to the Schools of Virtue project, helping establish links with the three schools involved in the project. Ian is Head of Wellbeing at Wellington College. 

Dr Matt Ferkany

Matt joined the Centre for the Autumn Term 2015. Matt helped develop the Centre's work on the measurement of character. Matt is Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University.

Michael Fullard

Michael joined the Centre for the Spring and Summer Terms 2016. Michael worked on a discrete project looking at developing character in Key Stage 2 pupils as they move to secondary school. The project page is available here. Michael joined the Centre having spent over 8 years teaching at Brownmead Primary School in Birmingham, where he was a Phase Leader. Michael was the first Primary Teacher to become a Teaching Fellow in the Jubilee Centre.

Kyle Davison

Kyle joined the Centre for the Summer Term 2016. Kyle has a background in Special Educational Needs support in secondary schools and has undertaken a project with the Centre looking at the relationship between self-reflection and the development of practical wisdom (good sense) in children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).  The project will work with two schools to develop and pilot a reflective intervention to be trialled within each school's specialist educational provisions. 

Dr Marcin Gierczyk

Marcin Gierczyk joined the Centre for the spring and summer term 2017. Marcin is Doctor of Social Science in Pedagogy, and obtained his PhD from Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, at the University of Silesia in Katowice in Poland in 2016. His research is centered on Gifted and Talented education, social pedagogy and character education.