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Published Research

The key research questions explored by the Centre's work so far include: 

  • What is the meaning of moral gratitude: who should we be grateful to and what for?
  • How might morally significant gratitude be promoted in British society?
  • What would be the wider social and cultural and moral impact of a more grateful Britain?
  • To what extent has the ideal of serving the common or public good been eroded in contemporary British society and in professional life?
  • How might the ideals of professional and other service be enhanced and strengthened?
  • What personal and public virtues might be promoted to underpin such professional and public service?

Our research is broadly grouped around the themes of Virtues in the Professions, Character Education, Gratitude Research, Youth Social Action and the Impact of the Jubilee Centre. You can access information about our research as well as our publications by clicking on the images below.