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‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo

‘Why the Wales Came’ is a book about two friends called Gracie and Daniel who discover that the Birdman, the man they’ve been warned to stay away from, isn’t actually dangerous at all – just misunderstood.  As well as delivering an exciting plot which comes to a climax when the children help the Birdman to battle the greed of others and save the lives of innocent whales, Morgpurgo illustrates both gratitude and compassion throughout. This is evident in how Gracie is grateful to the Birdman for a gift he gives and the time he spends with them; he in turn is grateful to the children for the company and for not treating him like everyone else does. Compassion features in terms of how the children feel sorry for the Birdman and identify with him after discovering that he is deaf and finds communication difficult; he’s not dangerous, just different.