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'LOVE' by Matt de la Pena & Loren Long


The Jubilee Centre loves LOVE by Matt de la Pena and Loren Long. It is a picture book that uses free verse to unpack the complexity of love. The word that describes LOVE best is ‘beautiful’; the text is beautiful and the illustrations are also beautiful. Before reading LOVE, it is important to be aware that the verse is challenging. Even the oldest of readers (Jubilee members included) will have different interpretations of the text. In fact, we think this is a real advantage of this book, and it is part of the reason we have chosen to use LOVE as inspiration for some of our writing resources. Like love itself, the book is complex and open to interpretation. Nevertheless, we believe that every age can take something from this book. Younger readers can use the pictures to help them understand the verse, while older readers can discuss, with parents/guardians, the meaning of the verse and how it makes them feel (happy or sad) about love.