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Activity Resources

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues have compiled some fun activities to play and make with your children to help them reflect on some of the virtues included in the A Framework for Character Education in Schools. Each month there will be a focus on one or two different virtues, with activity resources being added to reflect these. We hope that these activities will provide a way of discussing virtues with your children in a way that relates to their lives, helping them to talk and think about how they feel as well as how they act in relation to moral situations and emotions. 

Research Fellows Dr. Catherine Darnell and Rachael Hunter are compiling the below resources for parents. These resources are grouped by the virtues themes and are mainly craft activities that would be great for use with younger children.


We would love to hear your comments on any resources you have used. Please do give us your feedback on our Facebook and Twitter pages, using the twitter handle @jubileecentre1. You could even post a photo of the end result,  if you like. 


This activity gives instructions on how to make simple finger puppets. Making finger puppets with children, and using them to act out familiar or new stories, is a great way to enable them to discuss feelings and develop empathy.













This is an activity designed for children aged 5-9. Children can make the die by themselves, or with an adult, and use the question ideas to write some questions on each face. When you are reading together, rolling the die and discussing the question on the face will allow you to explore the story, and the virtues in it, further. The die can be used to discuss the theme of honesty or any other virtues you choose.  














Courage and Bravery

The Courage Shield gives children an opportunity to think about what courage is and the ways in which courage can be shown.

The Ladder of Bravery helps children talk about the things they may be scared of and how, with support, they can identity steps to overcome those fears. Similarly to the compassion activities, parents/guardians can write for the children, or children can complete the writing themselves after discussion. 











Compassion, Kindness and Gratitude

These resources are created for younger children. The Jar of Kindness helps children to reflect on kindness by giving them opportunities to think about how kindness has affected them and how others’ acts of kindness have made them feel.

Meanwhile the Gratitude Chain gives children a chance to thank those they feel gratitude towards. Parents/guardians can write the messages for younger children, or children can complete the writing task themselves after discussion. 









Christmas Activities

To celebrate the release of The Grinch film, we have produced some fun activities to develop gratitude and kindness among children. There is a kind deeds bingo which encourages children to complete a range of kind deeds, a template for a thank you letter to someone who has been kind to them and an activity asking children to draw a picture of things they are grateful for. These would be great to use with children, ages 5-11.









You can find inspiration by watching The Grinch trailer here:









Of course, there are lots of other great Christmas films which could lead to discussions about virtue. You can download a shortlist of our favourites by selecting the icon below: