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Welcome From Centre Director

Welcome to the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues; we appreciate your time and interest in our work.

The Centre is a research centre based in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham. We are staffed with a strong team of over 20 academics and support personnel of varied and diverse backgrounds. We entered our second phase of work in March 2015, following the completion of a hugely successful initial phase from 2012-2015. The reports published during the initial Gratitude Britain phase are available here. The Centre, through its research and development work, is achieving tremendous impact and influence in education policy in the UK, and internationally. Details of the impact that we have achieved in our first phase have been published here

We have developed and remain committed to an interdisciplinary approach to the study of character, virtues and human flourishing. The Centre will leave a legacy of important work that will inspire the next generation and contribute to a renewal of values and virtues across our society. 

Our vision for the Centre is not simply to research past and present attitudes to character and virtues, but shape the future attitudes and behaviours of the British people. We aim to enable British people to explore their character and virtues and, if and where required, transform them.  It is as such that our prime goal is not theoretical, but practical. We intend to undertake the work with a firm belief that our programme of inter-related initiatives will make a positive transformative difference to the moral life and learning of British people. It is our belief that only by undertaking the highest possible quality research work can we serve to promote and reinforce an understanding and appreciation of moral ideals.

As Director, my aim is to make the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues a world-leading research centre in the field of character and virtue education. The Centre will be a site of excellence in ethical and moral enquiry and empirical research.

We hope that our research projects, development work and community links that have been established so far, will grow over the coming years, and, of course, we hope to involve and link with as many of you as possible during the life of the Centre. 

Professor James Arthur

Director, Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues