Knightly Virtues Goes Live 30th September 2012 Knightly Virtues

Running alongside the My Character project is the Knightly Virtues programme which has been launched in 6 schools in London since its production in summer 2012. This primary school teaching programme explores the virtues and character of heroes from a selection of classic narratives such as Don Quixote, El Cid, The Merchant of Venice and the King Arthur Legends, asking young people to draw out and reflect on the values demonstrated by the characters in the stories. Schools have been provided with a teaching pack containing full teaching notes and lesson plans, and resources such as the story texts and PowerPoints to accompany each lesson. Students have reported that they’re enjoying reading the stories with one commenting, ‘All the characters were really brave in their own way and they all inspired me. It will probably teach me how to act around people and how to be a different person to how I probably would have been without learning about virtues’. A further 16 schools will be launching the programme from January 2013, with plans for the project to reach even more schools in September 2013.  

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