Prof. Randall Curren gives keynote lecture at Royal Institute of Philosophy conference 5th February 2014 Academic Events

The Royal Institute of Philosophy hosted a day conference on philosophy and education on January 24th to inaugurate Randall Curren’s professorship established there in conjunction with his appointment as Chair of Moral and Virtue Education in the Jubilee Centre for Character and Values. Prof. Curren concluded the conference with a keynote lecture, “Meaning, Motivation, and the Good”, concerning meaning in life, the importance of devotion to things of value, and the educational basis for good and meaningful lives. Prof. Curren was also invited to respond to Secretary of the Royal Institute Dr. James Garvey’s paper on the obstacles to education for sustainability, based on his reading of a new book manuscript, An Education in Sustainability, that Prof. Curren has co-authored with Garvey and geologist and science educator colleague, Ellen Metzger. In addition, Prof. Anthony O’Hear, Director of Studies and Editor of Philosophy presented a paper which contested recent educational trends and invoked R.S. Peters in defending an educational focus on the mastery and understanding of disciplinary knowledge. Prof. Curren’s keynote lecture can be viewed on the Royal Institute of Philosophy YouTube channel, via:

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