Professor Robert C. Roberts - Jubilee Centre's Distinguished Professors Programme. 12th February 2013 Academic Jubilee Centre

The Jubilee Centre were delighted to host Prof. Robert C. Roberts of Baylor University, Texas between 6th-10th February. Prof. Roberts was the first visitor to the Centre on the Distinguished Professors Programme, and met with our research teams to discuss the work of the Centre.


Whilst here, Prof. Roberts gave a paper to School of Education staff on notions of Gratitude in Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, as well as a seminar in the Department of Philosophy about the notion of contemplating virtues as compared with the more usual philosophical activity of constructing and criticizing ethical theories.

We would like to thank Prof. Roberts for his visit, which all of our team found incredibly insightful and rewarding. We look forward to a continued collaboration.

Please click the link for more information about our Distinguished Professors Programme.


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