Centre to conduct consultation on Character and Service in the Voluntary Sector 14th March 2014 Character and Service Jubilee Centre

As part of our partnership with the Step Up to Serve campaign, the Jubilee Centre for Character and Values are delighted to announce a consultation with voluntary sector workers, charities and stakeholders on the link between character and service. The consultation follows the appointment of Emma Taylor as Research Associate.

The overall aim of the research is to develop a benchmark for character and service that those working in the voluntary sector, as well as those outside of it, endorse. The hope is that the benchmark will be the agreed standard for measuring the quality and impact of character developed through youth social action. In the first year the Centre will lead a consultation with the aim of understanding how character, developed through meaningful service, might be conceptualised. Although the Centre will take a leading role in the consultation, we will be working closely with the Step up to Serve campaign partners and others throughout the consultation period and we welcome contact from individuals and organisations with experience in the area.

Emma will be joining the Centre shortly and will be based in London. Emma’s background is in research and in particular working with the youth empowerment charity and Step Up To Serve member Free The Children. She has also been involved in conducting research with teachers and supporting the monitoring and evaluation of Free The Children’s educational programme, We Act.

For more information about the consultation please contact Deputy Director (Development) Tom Harrison.

For more information about Step up to Serve please visit: 

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