'Reflections on Gratitude' - Gratitude in Public Life: A Short Film 27th May 2014 Academic Gratitude

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues has produced a short film focusing on the topic of gratitude. The film entitled ‘Reflections on Gratitude’ – Gratitude in Public Life provides an insight into the work of the Attitude for Gratitude project exploring questions such as: What is gratitude? What is the nature of gratitude? What are the benefits of gratitude? and Is gratitude a moral virtue or obligation? 

Centre Research Fellows Dr Liz Gulliford and Dr Blaire Morgan introduce the film, through their work on the Attitude for Gratitude project. Honorary Senior Research Fellow Dr Kenneth Wilson also features, along with guest appearances from delegates at our 'Gratitude in Public Life' seminar in November 2013, including: Professor Giacomo Bono (California State University), Professor Claudia Card (University of Wisconsin) Dr Nathaniel Lambert (Brigham Young University), Dr Sean McAleer (University of Wisconsin), Professor Terrance McConnell (University of North Carolina) and Professor Philip Watkins (Eastern Washington University). 


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