Thank You Film Awards Ceremonies take place across the UK 17th June 2014 Thank You Gratitude The 2014 Thank You Film Awards have come to a close with awards ceremonies having taken place across the UK in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Glasgow. The Thank You Film Awards aim to recognise and reward young people who show gratitude asking them to create a short film to say thank you to a person, organisation or group who have made life better in some way. This year’s awards have seen film entries saying thank you to friends, family, organ donors, the NHS, education, among others. Nearly 700 young people across the UK entered films, with many more taking part in workshops exploring gratitude and who, or what, they are grateful for! As part of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues’ research into gratitude we will be exploring, through the film entries, what gratitude means to young people, and how practising gratitude affects their behaviour and daily life.

Winners and runners-up from each region are listed below:




Runner Up: St Mary and St John’s – Amirah; ‘Thank You Family’ 

Winner: Victory Primary School – 'Today I will sing for you (Daddy Song)’


Runner Up: Henrietta Barnett School – Emerald; ‘Thank you to my Grandma’

Winner: Holy Family School – ‘The King’s Legacy’ 



Runner Up: St Luke’s – ‘Thank you Buddies’

Winner: Henllan Rainbows – ‘Thank You Bumblebees'


Runner Up: Harrogate Grammar School – 'Women’s Rights'

Winner: Harrogate Grammar School – 'Friends'



Runner Up: The Rosary Catholic Primary School – ‘Thank You police, Fireman, Doctors & Nurses' ‘ 

Winner: Guardian Angel’s Primary School – ‘Thank You Lollipop lady'


Runner Up: Castle Rock High School – Jordi Cotton; ‘Thank you for my education’

Winner: Castle Rock High School – ‘Thank You NHS’


Winner: Inverurie Academy – Zoe Smith, Jess Smith, Kamila Koper; 'Thank you organ donors'

Runner Up: Hawick High School – Fiona Hamilton; 'Thank you SSC'


Thank you to all young people who made a film to say thank you - keep an eye on the Thank You Film Awards webpage where winning films will be displayed shortly.
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