Centre Members Present at 7th European Conference on Positive Psychology in Amsterdam 7th July 2014 Academic Conferences

Professor Kristján Kristjánsson, Dr Liz Gulliford and Dr Blaire Morgan each presented at the 7th European Conference on Positive Psychology (ECPP) in Amsterdam. Professor Kristján Kristjánsson participated in an invited seminar, organised by Professor William Damon, about the conceptual foundations of positive psychology, and in his presentation offered a series of reservations about the current theory of human virtues and character strengths espoused by positive psychology. Dr Liz Gulliford gave a paper, titled ‘The Future of Hope and Optimism in Positive Psychological Assessment’ and Dr Blaire Morgan presented findings from the flagship research project ‘Attitude for Gratitude’ exploring the conceptual controversies that surround gratitude in her paper titled ‘Conceptualising Gratitude: An Examination of Laypeople’s Understanding and Experiences of Gratitude’.

The ECPP covers an extensive range of topics and addresses some of the key questions within the field of positive psychology: What are the fundamental aspects of human flourishing? How can these aspects be used in interventions at the workplace, at schools and in communities? How can these policies be shaped for a flourishing society? You can find out more about the conference here
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