Character Cup Competition 10th September 2014 Virtue Development Character Research The Character Cup has been a pilot competition run with six schools in Derbyshire and led by Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. The competition trails a method of attaching character education and development to an engaging activity across several schools and Key Stages. It draws inspiration from the My Character project, which was developed and run by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues.

Each school worked together on a project to develop a model that represents a range of moral, performance and civic virtues using different materials. Students articulated their thought process and each wrote about a particular virtue, reflecting on their own character with some insightful responses coming through. The winning models from each school will be displayed at Chatsworth Estate for a celebration day and will be exhibited until October. As part of this exhibition the public will be given the opportunity to create their own figure and enter into the processes of character education. 
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