National Liberty Museum to Launch New Welcome Gallery 15th September 2014 Partner News Liberty

On Thursday 18th September the National Liberty Museum (NLM) will open its brand new ‘Welcome to Liberty’ gallery, an interactive space, free to the public, and uniquely designed to literally and figuratively welcome all visitors to experience the mission, focus, and future of the NLM.

Gwen Borowsky, CEO of the National Liberty Museum, said: “We invite people from around the world to visit us and internalize liberty as a personal, modern and meaningful concept, through a hands-on, interactive space, guaranteed to generate conversations and actions around character, civic engagement, and liberty. We know visitors will be inspired to live like a hero after they leave our gallery.”

Professor James Arthur will be offering remarks during the launch event, immediately following Dr. Jack Templeton. Prof. Arthur’s remarks will focus on the nature of the evaluation project between the National Liberty Museum and the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, and then he will illustrate the other character development projects of the Jubilee Centre by showing an excerpt of the Knightly Virtues film.
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