Professor James Arthur and Tom Harrison Attend Launch of 'Welcome to Liberty' Gallery 23rd September 2014 Liberty Partner News

Professor James Arthur and Tom Harrison attended the launch of the National Liberty Museum’s (NLM) ‘Welcome to Liberty’ gallery which took place on Thursday 18th September in Philadelphia USA.

The new welcome gallery is an interactive space uniquely designed to express the mission, focus, and future of the NLM. Centred on celebrating contemporary and historic heroes of liberty, the new gallery features a highly interactive and inspiring architectural space including: glass sculptures representing liberty; a liberty theatre showing an inspiring film on liberty and heroism and a ‘what kind of hero are you?’ quiz; plus much more. The launch day began with a march through the City of Philadelphia before the official opening of the new gallery took place. 

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues' collaborative evaluation project with the NLM examines the impact of the NLM's educational interventions on student acquisition and retention of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours associated with liberty and its related virtues.


Professor James Arthur spoke during the launch event, following Dr. Jack Templeton. Prof. Arthur’s remarks focused on the nature of the evaluation project between the NLM and the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, and presented the Centre’s development projects including a showing of the recently launched Knightly Virtues film, which is available to view in our Media Centre.


You can read more about the Welcome Gallery Opening here

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