Centre and Director Feature in Irish Times Article about Teaching Virtue 15th December 2014 Virtue Education Media & Press The article in the Irish Times 'Unthinkable: Should Virtue be Taught in Schools?' looks at the 'fresh attempts to teach character alongside literacy and numeracy in the classroom'. In introducing the Jubilee Centre the article states: 'Much of the international activity in this field is emanating from the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues...More than 15,000 pupils have completed its Knightly Virtues course, where they learn about medieval chivalry and extrapolate lessons for today. The centre is now exporting such programmes in a bid to bring virtue on to the global curriculum.'.

Centre Director, Professor James Arthur, is quoted in the article talking about the idea that 'successful moral education always involves interplay between the 'caught' and the 'taught'' and the role of story telling in teaching virtue in the classroom.  


The article can be found here.


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