Centre's Third Annual Conference 'Varieties of Virtue Ethics' is a Great Success 12th January 2015 Centre News Conference

The third annual conference of the Jubilee Centre, entitled 'Varieties of Virtue Ethics', was held at Oriel College, Oxford, on January 8-10 2015. With 100 delegates from all over the world, some of whom among the most distinguished authorities in the field, this conference afforded an unprecedented opportunity to get up to speed on the state of the art in recent research on virtue ethics, both theoretical and applied. Although Aristotelian virtue ethics formed, as usual, the centre of discussion, various other variants -- ranging from Daoist virtue ethics to Nietzschean -- also featured on the agenda. The consensus among the delegates was that the conference was a great success, both in terms of organisation and academic quality, and many of them expressed an interest in attending next year's conference also to keep the discussion going. 

Papers from the conference can be found here


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