Professor David Carr Publishes in Journal of Aesthetic Education 15th January 2015 Centre News Publications

Professor David Carr's paper, titled 'Four Perspectives on the Value of Literature for Moral and Character Education', appears in the Winter 2014 issue of the Journal of Aesthetic Education,  The abstract and a link to the paper can be found below:


This paper distinguishes and explores four respects in which past and present-day fictional, dramatic, and poetic literature might be used for the education of moral character, have moral educational intent, or at least have implications for such education: these are here identified and named as (1) the “Platonic” approach, (2) the “Aristotelian” approach, (3) the Romantic reaction, and (4) the postmodern turn. While reaffirming the time-honored conviction that literature may play a significant role in character education, the present paper identifies and explores some of the philosophical and other influences that have served--at least from the publication of such key works of modernity as Joyce's Ulysses and Eliot's Wasteland if not before this--to shake or weaken much modern and postmodern confidence in the traditional moral role of literature.

Find the paper here

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