Dr Michael Mosley Launches Centre's 'Attitude for Gratitude' Report at British Academy 4th February 2015 Centre News Gratitude

On 4th February 2015, Dr Michael Mosley, British Television Journalist, Presenter and Producer, launched the Jubilee Centre's 'An Attitude for Gratitude' report at the British Academy in London.  The Attitude for Gratitude research project examined how gratitude is conceptualised by the British public, what British people are grateful for, the value they place on gratitude, what kinds of people tend to be grateful, and whether and how they think gratitude might be promoted in British society.

In his speech, which can be found below, Dr Mosley emphasised the importance of teaching gratitude in both schools and the workplace, stating that this is a 'profoundly good thing to do'. At the launch event, Dr Blaire Morgan, a Research Fellow in the Jubilee Centre and co-author of the report, presented the key methods and findings from the research and this was followed by a panel discussion of these findings with key contributors Professor Robert C. Roberts and Professor Terrance McConnell.

The release of this report has generated media interest with an article appearing in the Daily Express online and Dr Blaire Morgan being invited to speak on BBC Radio Scotland, alongside Jo McFadden, Editor of Family Focus Scotland. You can listen to the interview below. 

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