Dr Blaire Morgan, Dr Liz Gulliford and Professor David Carr Publish in Journal of Moral Education 13th February 2015 Publications Gratitude

Dr Blaire Morgan, Dr Liz Gulliford and Professor David Carr have published a paper titled 'Educating gratitude: Some conceptual and moral misgivings', in the Journal for Moral Education.  Please find the abstract and a link to the paper below:

In a rapidly expanding academic literature on gratitude, psychologists, philosophers and educational theorists have argued that gratitude is not just of great psycho-social importance but also of moral significance. It would therefore seem to follow that the promotion of gratitude is also of moral educational significance. In this regard, recent attempts by psychologists to develop practical interventions designed to make people more grateful should be of some interest. However, while appreciating some benefits of such work, this article argues that much of it falls short of the educational task of developing an adequate pedagogy of gratitude focused on assisting learners’ acquaintance with the complex normative grammar (moral and conceptual) of gratitude discourse. With reference to ongoing work by the authors, the article proceeds to explore further this important dimension of educating gratitude. 

Find the full paper here

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