Dr Liz Gulliford and Dr Blaire Morgan Visit the University of Melbourne 13th April 2015 Positive Education Research Methods
Dr Liz Gulliford and Dr Blaire Morgan recently visited the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne as part of a wider cross-cultural project titled Taking Thanks for Granted.  During their time in Australia, Liz and Blaire have delivered several seminars and lectures, including a speech at Janet Clarke Hall, a University of Melbourne college, where they also met with a group of students to talk about the work of the Centre.  They were also able to visit a number of schools who will be involved in carrying out some of the methods used in the Attitude for Gratitude project, and had the opportunity to meet the Head of Positive Education in some schools to discuss particular aspects of their approach to positive education and wellbeing programmes for students.  Liz and Blaire delivered a public lecture at St Peter’s College where they have been honoured with Rex J Lipman Fellowships.  The visit was extremely fruitful in highlighting the ways in which some schools are starting to develop their own approaches to positive education and the support that the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne provides for this.  Over the next month, data will be collected from various methods being carried out in Australia to add a cross-cultural dimension to the existing data from the Attitude for Gratitude project. 

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