Professor David Carr Publishes in Journal of Schooling Studies 8th May 2015 Academic Publications Professor David Carr has published a paper entitled ‘Justice, Virtue and Education’ in the Journal of Schooling Studies. An abstract is provided below:

Given that justice is a fundamental principle or dimension of human moral association, it would also seem to be of some educational concern: in short, we should want to educate children and young people to be just or fair. However, this is not something that not something we may be hope to achieve by teaching theories of justice – since, as this paper indicates – such theories are often concerned with securing some measure of justice in circumstances where people cannot always be expected to be just or fair as individual citizens. Thus, educating for justice would seem to be more a matter of cultivating the virtue of justice. In this light, the paper proceeds to consider how this might be at least partly assisted by the moral exploration of imaginative literature.


You can view the paper here.

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