Professor James Arthur is Interviewed in the Guardian 14th May 2015 Media & Press Character Education

Professor James Arthur was recently interviewed for an article by Will Storr titled 'Character classes: can you teach a six-year-old how to be good?' published in the Guardian.  The article explores the increased interest in character education that has come about in recent years and its place in education today.  Speaking about the importance of educating young people for life outside school, and not just for taking tests, Professor Arthur says "But when you go for a job interview, what's being examined is not your qualifications - you're being interviewed for your character".  Schools taking a particular approach to character education explain how it fits into their everyday teaching and the changes they have seen in pupils as a result.  The article goes on to highlight the lack of creativity apparent in students starting at University and the importance of moral, civic, intellectual and performance virtues when entering the world beyond school.

You can read the full article here

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