The Jubilee Centre at the Festival of Education 2015 22nd June 2015 Centre News

On 18th-19th June 2015 the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues exhibited and presented at the Sunday Times Festival of Education, held at Wellington College.  The Centre gave a series of talks introducing its work on character education in schools, with a focus on the 'taught or caught' debate. Presentations were given by Dr. Tom Harrison and Ian Morris and Dr. Sandra Cooke. The Centre engaged with a wide and varied audience and shared its extensive range of teaching resources with teachers, educationalists and other stakeholders who were attending the Festival.  The Centre's team also ran an interactive activity, which encouraged people to write down what they believed their greatest character strength to be. 

In addition to the exhibit and presentations, the Centre sponsored the lecture given by Dr. Angela Duckworth, of the University of Pennsylvania, which focussed on the performance virtue grit. 


For more information about the Festival please see here


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