Centre's Department for Education Project Launches 10th July 2015 Department for Education Teachers

On 7th and 8th July, the Centre's new project Teaching Character: through and within subjects launched, with teachers from schools across the UK coming together for the first time.  Funded by the Department for Education, the project will explore ways in which character traits can be drawn out from the teaching curriculum through 14 different subjects.  Over the course of the project, teachers, in partnership with academics from the Jubilee Centre, will create, pilot, evaluate and refine materials that will then be made freely available to schools.   This two-day workshop took place at Horton Grange, University of Birmingham, and consisted of an overview of both the project and the work of the Centre.  Teachers who will be involved in the project were given the opportunity to begin laying the foundations for the schemes of work they will be producing in each of their individual subjects.  The teachers involved cover a range of different curriculum subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, History, Computing, Languages, PSHE, Citizenship, Art and Design, Music, Design and Technology, Religious Education and Physical Education. 


Richard Farnan, a teacher involved in the project said: 

"The Jubilee Centre's work on virtues is a really important step in helping students become well-rounded, good people.

It has been really exciting to work on such a positive programme with other teachers and start working on resources which students across the country can really benefit from."


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