Poll Shows Continued Support in Parliament for Character Education 16th July 2015 Character Education

A new poll conducted by ComRes on behalf of the Jubilee Centre shows that there is continued and considerable support for the teaching of character education in schools among MPs. The poll of 150 MPs aimed to assess the views of MPs with regards to character and virtue education in schools, and within the legal, medical and teaching professions, with the sample being representative of the House of Commons by party, region and length of service. Compared to a similar pre-election poll conducted in December 2014, MPs are now five percentage points more likely to agree that character education should be taught in schools.  The value of character education is clearly noted, with an increase in cross-party consensus, with three quarters of MPs agreeing that developing a sense of moral values is as important for school children as good GCSE and A-level results. The poll results also show  that MPs see the importance of training teachers in character education, with the vast majority continuing to see the importance of character in the medical and legal professions as well. The full results of the June 2015 survey of MPs can be found here.  

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