Janice Kaplan Praises Work of the Jubilee Centre in Gratitude Diaries 4th September 2015 Centre News Gratitude

In her new book, The Gratitude Diaries, Janice Kaplan, an American novelist well known for her achievements as a writer, television producer and magazine editor, speaks highly of the work of the Jubilee Centre and particularly praises the Centre’s promotion of gratitude in young people.  The Gratitude Diaries is an account of what it was like to live gratefully for a year and the fresh outlook that came with this, which in turn transformed marriage, family life, work, health, and every day experience for Kaplan.  In a chapter titled Raising Grateful Kids, the book particularly speaks about the Centre’s Thank You Film Awards:

 “Entries came in from all over the country, and the centre held premieres at real cinemas so kids could see their short films on a big screen. The range of people thanked was impressive – from leaders in civil and women’s rights to doctors in the NHS.  Videos from some of the youngest kids expressed gratitude to daddies, lollipop ladies and bumblebees.

Really, something was going right when five-year-olds wanted to thank bumblebees.

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