Centre Holds Consultation on Character and Initial Teacher Education at Windsor Castle 16th September 2015 Jubilee Centre

On 9-10 September 2015, the Jubilee Centre hosted a consultation on character education and initial teacher education (ITE). The consultation was attended by student teachers, teacher educators, and other stakeholders, including teachers from primary, secondary, state and independent schools across England. ITE tutors from a number of leading Departments and Schools of Education in the UK, including those involved in The Good Teacher research contributed. Representatives from Teach First, DEMOS, SSAT and the Church of England were also involved.

The purpose of the consultation was to discuss the place of character education in ITE, whether that be training in schools, or in universities. The output from the consultation is a draft of a statement on teacher education and character education, which the Jubilee Centre are finalising, and will publish in due course. The Statement follows the Framework for Character Education in Schools and the Statement on Youth Social Action and Character Development, both published by the Centre.

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