Jubilee Centre co-host event with DEMOS at Labour Party Conference 28th September 2015 Jubilee Centre Impact

The Jubilee Centre co-hosted an event at the Labour Party Conference with leading UK policy think-tank DEMOS on Monday 28th September 2015. The event, which promoted the DEMOS and Jubilee Centre 'Character Nation' report, provided an opportunity for delegates to engage with the debate on character education. Panel speakers included Prof. James Arthur (Jubilee Centre, Director), Ralph Scott (DEMOS), Matt Hood (School 21), Kevin Brennan MP (Labour) and the panel was chaired by Sonia Sodha (The Observer). The panel provided a lively debate, discussing what character is, how it can be both 'caught' and 'taught' in schools, and the importance of parents, teachers, school governors and youth leaders in the development of young people's characters. Photos from the event are in our Media Centre. Summing up the discussions from the panel, Prof. Arthur stated that 'all good education is good character education'.


The full programme for the event can be viewed here.

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