The Theological Roots of Christian Gratitude Published 12th October 2015 Jubilee Centre

The Theological Roots of Christian Gratitude (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) is a title which is the summative piece from the Jubilee Centre's 'Theological Roots of Gratitude' project, which concluded in February 2015. 

The below description of the book is taken from the publisher's blurb. The book explores the ways in which Christian theology presents a life-giving simile that stimulates the moral imagination. Author Dr. Kenneth Wilson, former Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, presents a text which encourages a holistic view of the total context of personal life and professional practice. Wilson details how the empirical evidence from positive psychologists shows that gratitude increases subjective well-being and pro-social behavior and asserts that gratitude is the embodiment in man of God's gracious presence in creation. 

According to Wilson, a grateful person is curious about the world and thus more likely to be responsive and responsible in his or her personal and professional life. He investigates the idea that to accept service as 'gift' transforms the giver, gthe gift, and the recipient. The Theological Roots of Christian Gratitude elaborates upon and explores the possibility that we are lured by God to give attention to the many aspects of our experiences. A consciousness of God, Wilson asserts, helps us to coalesce our experiences, to share what we know, and to enjoy the inherent beauty of our world. The book illustrates and illuminates how an appreciation of the virtue of gratitude can re-form a vocation and transform personal relationships. 

The project is discussed further in an Insight Series paper titled It is Good to Give Thanks: Gratitude in the Abrahamic Religions, available here. 

The book is available in hardback from Palgrave Macmillan here

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