Character Project Volume Published 14th October 2015 Partner News

A new volume titled Character: New Directions from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology has been published by the team at The Character Project. The book features new work from 28 funded projects, plus contributions by the editors, including Prof. Christian Miller, recent Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Jubilee Centre. The title is available here and is in the Jubilee Centre Library. During his visit to the Jubilee Centre, Prof. Miller produced this Insight Series paper on the philosophy of character.

A blurb from the collection is reproduced below. 

This collection contains some of the best new work being done on the subject of character from the perspectives of philosophy, theology, and psychology. From creating a virtual reality simulation of the Milgram shock experiments to understanding the virtue of modesty in Muslim societies to defending soldiers' moral responsibility for committing war crimes, these 31 chapters break much new ground and significantly advance our understanding of character. The main topics covered fall under the heading of our beliefs about character, the existence and nature of character traits, character and ethical theory, virtue epistemology, the nature of particular virtues, character development, and challenges to character and virtue from neuroscience and situationism.

These papers stem from the work of The Character Project at Wake Forest University, generously supported by the John Templeton Foundation. This collection is truly unique in featuring the work of many young, up-and-coming voices in their fields with new perspectives to offer. Together their work will significantly shape discussions of character for years to come.

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