Professor David Carr Presents in Taiwan, China and Poland 23rd October 2015 Centre News

Professor David Carr visited Taiwan and China during the end of September, early October.  Throughout the course of his visit he gave several lectures and presentations in various Taiwanese and Chinese colleges and universities.  Included in these was a lecture on virtue and character in education to teaching staff and students in National Chung Hsing University, Taichung. Professor Carr also presented on education and justice to a group of PhD students, and on teaching character through literature - based on the Educating Character through Stories book (Harrison and Carr, 2015) to staff and students, in the University of Taipei (Taipei City University) on Thursday 1st October and Saturday 3rd October.  During his time spent in China, Professor Carr Professor also presented at East China Normal University, Shanghai.

Professor David Carr was also recently invited - along with distinguished American virtue ethicists Robert Audi, Dan Russell and Gopal Sreenivasan - to participate in an international conference on 'Virtue and Cognition' held in the  University of Gdansk, Poland.  On Wednesday 21st October, Professor Carr delivered a keynote paper on 'Virtue and knowledge' which argued, at some odds with recent neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics, that the wisdom of virtue requires not just the development of practical knowledge or skills, but the cultivation of a personally formative perceptual knowledge not epistemically too distant from the theoretical knowledge of empirical enquiry. To this end, his paper drew on the insights of Socrates, Plato and Iris Murdoch.

You can download Professor Carr's presentations below:

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