The Association for Character Education 9th November 2015 Jubilee Centre

Director of Development Dr. Tom Harrison has written an article about 'The Association for Character Education' for HeadTeacher Update. The article reaffirms the Centre's position on character education, as well as introducing the newly established Association for Character Education (ACE). ACE has been established as a response to this growing interest in character education. It is a subject association that aims to bring like-minded teachers and schools together to bring further momentum to the character education movement.

It will be an organisation that primary, secondary and post-16 teachers can turn to for inspiration and ideas on how to develop the character education provision in their school. Over the next 12 months ACE will:

  • Hold its inaugural annual conference (on June 30 at the new University of Birmingham school). Speakers already confirmed include Lord O’Shaughnessy, Sir Iain Hall, Professor James Arthur and Michael Roden. Many of the schools that won the Character Awards and organisations that won grants from the Department for Education have also agreed to give workshops.
  • Launch a “Schools of Character Award”. Schools that win will be presented with the award at the annual conference. To win the award schools will be asked to self-audit themselves against some key principles for character education.
  • Develop and publish a new journal for teachers and other educators on character education. The journal will contain news articles, resource reviews and other useful guidance on character education.

More information on the above activities and others will appear over the coming months on the ACE website at

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