Centre Work Referenced by Secretary of State for Education at Select Committee 10th December 2015 Jubilee Centre Impact

On 9th December 2015, the Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan MP, gave evidence to the Social Mobility Select Committee in the House of Lords and cited the work of the Jubilee Centre, and that of Centre Director Prof. James Arthur. Speaking in response to Baroness Claire Tyler asking about the need for character development in schools, Ms Morgan cited the Centre working with the University of Birmingham School to 'embed character education into the curriculum.' Ms Morgan also cited the 'moral virtues' that the Centre focuses on.

The video of the Select Committee meeting can be found here, with Ms Morgan's evidence given at 11.11am-11.18am. 

This follows Ms Morgan's visit to the Japanese Ministry of Education to visit her counterpart to discuss character education. Posting on her Twitter account, Ms Morgan posted the below image: '@NickyMorgan01: Delighted to discuss with my counterpart at the Japanese Education Ministry the importance of #character education.'

This follows Centre Director Prof. James Arthur's meeting with the Ministry of Education in Japan earlier this Summer, details of which can be found here



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