Insight Series: Narnian Virtues 22nd February 2016 Jubilee Centre Papers Publications

Prof. Mark Pike, University of Leeds, and Prof. Tom Lickona, SUNY Cortland have written an Insight Series paper for the Jubilee Centre titled 'Narnian Virtues: Character Education and the Promise of the Parent-School Partnership'. Profs. Pike and Lickona are co-investigators on the Narnian Virtues project at the University of Leeds. The project builds on the huge success of the Jubilee Centre's own Knightly Virtues project and looks to the work of C. S. Lewis in developing curricula based on the Narnia novels.

In describing the project, its website states that 'universal virtues (such as courage, humility and gratitude) exemplified in C. S. Lewis’ Narnia novels offer common ethical ground to the schools of increasingly pluralistic societies. The project investigates how students within a crucial formative period (ages 9-14), understand and acquire the virtues underpinning good character through their engagement with [the] Narnian Virtues curriculum, based on three Narnia novels.'

The paper can be accessed here.


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