Department for Education Continues Focus on Character Education 17th March 2016 Jubilee Centre

Following the Budget 2016 announcement yesterday (Wednesday 16th March 2016), the Department for Education has today released a White Paper titled Educational Excellence Everywhere, which was presented by Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Education.

The White Paper sets out the Government's plans for education for the next five years, including a continued focus on 'character and resilience'. The Executive Summary of the White Paper states that: 'education should prepare children for adult life, giving them the skills and character traits needed to succeed academically, have a fulfilling career, and make a positive contribution to British society.' (p.20).

The paper goes on to state that 'a 21st century education should prepare children for adult life by instilling the character traits and fundamental British values that will help them succeed: being resilient and knowing how to persevere, how to bounce back if faced with failure, and how to collaborate with others at work and in their private lives.' (p.94).

The paper is available online here.


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