Centre Director and Director of Education Attend Workshop at University of Navarra 9th May 2016 Jubilee Centre Partner News

On 27th-29th April 2016, Professor James Arthur and Dr. Tom Harrison attended a planning workshop on 'Researching and Promoting Character Education in Central and South American Secondary Schools', at the University of Navarra. The workshop brought together experts from around the world to offer advice on the research project by the same name, funded by the World Templeton Charity. Prof. Arthur and Dr. Harrison were invited to discuss potential closer collaboration with the University of Navarra project, which aims to gain greater understanding of how the formation of positive character traits, particularly social and moral virtues, may be enacted and promoted in the context of Central and South American secondary schools. The project, will conduct case studies in secondary schools in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The project will have three major outcomes: 1) Better understanding of character education in Latin America; 2) Greater awareness of character education in Latin America; and, 3) Better prospects for future research into character education in Latin America.

During the course of the workshop, Prof. Arthur and Dr. Harrison led a roundtable discussion with Prof. Marvin Berkowitz on 'Good Practices and Strategies Promoting Awareness on Character Education'.

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