Floreat Education Launches Character Programme Website 26th May 2016 Partner News Jubilee Centre Resources

Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues partner Floreat Education has launched its Floreat Character Programme. The site, funded by the Department for Education, supports both the 'taught' and 'caught' approaches to developing pupils' character in school and is separated into three key areas:

  • Culture and training materials, aimed at breaking down how we habituate and model virtuous behaviour;
  • The Virtue Literacy Programme, which guides teachers in the use of children's stories to explore character;
  • Service Learning, which provide opportunities to practise the application of virtue both inside and outside the classroom.

Floreat Education was established in 2013 in order to create a family of world-class schools where every child can flourish. The Floreat Education Academies Trust is comprised of five primary schools, three of which will open in September 2016. The Jubilee Centre has acted as a strategic adviser to Floreat Education, and Floreat has used the Centre's resources, including the Framework for Character Education in Schools to inform its own work.

Access the Floreat Character Programme here.







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