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The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues celebrated Schools Gratitude Day on 20th May 2016, with almost 80 schools across the UK and internationally taking part in a range of activities. The purpose of the Day was to further emphasise the concept of gratitude through activities run and inspired by the Teacher’s Pack produced by the Centre, containing activities and ideas for exploring gratitude in schools.

Gratitude stories were read in school assemblies, people watched Thank You Films created by young people and listened to the benefits of gratitude. ‘Gratitude Visits’ were arranged, giving pupils the chance to thank a special someone for contributing to their communities. One popular choice of activity was building a Gratitude Tree. Young people were asked to think about what they enjoy doing in their lives and to think about who they rely on to enjoy that activity. Below is a photo of pupils from St. Luke’s C of E Primary School and their gratitude tree - thank you for sharing!

Schools Gratitude Day provided schools who had taken part in the 2016 Thank You Letter Awards with an opportunity to award all shortlisted finalists with their certificates and book vouchers, and for everyone else that took part to celebrate gratitude and hold their own Thank You Letter Awards ceremonies.

Schools Gratitude Day offers people a chance to collaborate with one another and the community by sharing who one another are grateful to and recognising why gratitude is such an important virtue. The Schools Gratitude Day Teaching Pack is still available to download and use at:

Thank You to everyone who took part.


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