Centre's Free Online Course Opens for Registrations 11th August 2016 Centre News Online Course

The Jubilee Centre's free online course 'What is Character? Virtue Ethics in Education' begins on 24th October 2016 and is now open for registrations.  This will be the fourth run of the two-week course, for which over 15,000 people have registered since its launch in January 2015. The course, delivered in partnership with FutureLearn, explores how character might be taught in a conscious, planned and reflective way, enabling learners to gain practical knowledge on taking character education into the classroom. Drawing on the insights of leading experts in the fields of character education and virtue ethics, the course introduces the theoretical and philosophical basis for character education, including a background to virtue ethics.  You can watch the trailer below, and register to join the course here.

The course provides an excellent taster experience for those interested in further study in character education following the launch of the world's first distance learning MA in Character Education at the University of Birmingham. Find out more here.  

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