Professor David Carr Publishes in British Journal of Educational Studies 30th August 2016 Academic Publications

Professor David Carr has published a paper titled 'Virtue and Character in Higher Education' in the British Journal of Educational Studies. The paper makes the case for character the general case for character education with particular consideration of the contexts of pre-adult schooling and adult professional and vocational training. Find the abstract, and a link to the publisher's page below:

Access the paper at this page.


Despite much recent concern with the possibilities of moral character education in elementary schooling and professional training, the university and higher educational prospects of such education have only lately received much attention. This paper begins by considering – and largely endorsing – the general case for character education in contexts of pre-adult schooling and adult professional and vocational training. However, it proceeds to argue that the case for intervention in character formation in some educational contexts is not generally applicable to university and higher education. Key points are that there can be no clear normative warrant for such intervention in the case of learners who are: (i) beyond the age of majority and (ii) voluntarily engaged in study wherein significant professional or public implications of personal character development are not a pressing concern. In short, while good moral character is clearly of general human importance, its deliberate or explicit promotion may not be equally warranted in all educational contexts.

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