Centre Holds Consultation on Virtue in the Professions at Windsor Castle 12th September 2016 Centre News Professions

On 8-9th September 2016, the Jubilee Centre hosted a consultation on the role of character and virtues in the professions at St. George’s House, Windsor.  The consultation was attended by practitioners and academics across medicine, law, teaching, banking and business, and included a number of consultants to current Jubilee Centre projects, in particular, the Nursing, Business and Finance, and Interventions with Student Teachers, Lawyers and Doctors projects.

The purpose of the consultation was to discuss the place of character and virtues in a range of professional practices, and how they might be incorporated into the training and education of those professions. The output from the consultation is a draft statement on the role of virtues in the professions, which the Jubilee Centre is finalising, and will publish in due course. The statement follows previous similar publications by the Centre; the Framework for Character Education in Schools, the Statement on Youth Social Action and Character Development and the Statement on Teacher Education and Character Education.


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