Centre Academics Write for Research Intelligence Special Issue 13th September 2016 Academic Publications

The summer 2016 issue of BERA’s Research Intelligence, a special issue focussing on Character, Values and Ethics, features two articles by Jubilee Centre academics, Dr Tom Harrison and Professor David Carr.  The issue explores different perceptions on the role and importance of character, values and ethics in education.

Dr Tom Harrison's article, written with Matthew Bawden - a teacher who worked on the project at the Jubilee Centre - is titled ‘Teaching Character Through Subjects’ (pg. 15-16) and provides an overview of the Department for Education funded project of the same name. The project worked across England with 29 teachers from 28 state funded schools to create an innovative resource for building character within 14 subjects across the school curriculum.   The resources, and a report about the project, are available to download at this page.

Professor Carr’s article, titled ‘Academic and Theoretical Perspectives on Character Education’ (pg. 19-20) looks at how modern theorisation of character education, with its emphasis on the character and virtues, can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, and in particular, the work of Aristotle. 

View the issue here.


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