Jubilee Centre Develops Resources for Marginalised Young People 15th September 2016 Blog Character Education

The Jubilee Centre’s Character and Values Amongst Marginalised Young People project, which aims to challenge the misconceptions around young people who are disengaged from mainstream society (those not in education, employment or training), has developed a bank of character based learning resources. The resources have been developed in consultation with a number of UK youth organisations and are currently being trialled by 480 young people in non-mainstream settings; these include pupils excluded from mainstream schools, those attending youth groups, and individuals on the margins of, or already involved in, criminal activity. The research and interventions aim to contribute to the understanding of character amongst marginalised young people and provide worthwhile interventions that may address some of the difficulties they face.

You can read more about the project and the interventions being developed in this Virtue Insight blog post.

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